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 welcome this page explains what you can expect to receive and how often.

We have 3 different newsletters all sent out at various times, all new subscribers are automatically added to the All Events list, you can however change your newsletter preferences at anytime by clicking manage subscription at the bottom of all our emails or updating your preferences below.


We want to be transparent and only subscribe you to the lists you are interested in, below is a run down of the various lists and what they contain.


ALL EVENTS – All new subscribers are added to this list by default, when subscribed to this list you will receive literally all new information and updates from the club, there is no set frequency to these emails and as such sometimes you may get 2 or 3 a week other times nothing, these emails are automatically fired whenever we update information on our website.


SATURDAY’S ONLY – This email  is sent monthly and contains information ONLY about Saturday Nights Entertainment and how much is in the members open the box and if it has been won, on occasion we may Email you last minute to let you know there has been a change to advertised entertainment.


FRIDAY’S ONLY – This email is sent once a month during the first week of the month and contains information ONLY about the tribute for that month, where possible we may add links to pages where you can see the tribute in action.


In the coming months you will notice advertisements in our Newsletters, we want to assure you that these ads are served and controlled by Elland WMC, and do not contain ANY tracking code, the ads are placed by us as a goodwill gesture for advertisers who choose to advertise on our website, the ads in Newsletters are simply an image containing a link to the website of the advertiser.  


From time to time we may send you a survey regarding our Newsletters to ensure quality and relevance we will use your replies to help shape future emails

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